Sports Betting In Thailand

Secrets To Making Money With Sports Betting In Thailand

Sports Betting In Thailand

In some countries such as Thailand, some laws prohibit sports betting and casinos for religious reasons. In Thailand, 90% of the population professes the Muslim religion, and religion influences many aspects of citizens' lives. Therefore, this society considers gambling as an immoral and shameful activity. However, here we bring you some secrets to making money on sports betting in Thailand that will be useful for punters in this country. There is a high propensity towards gambling in the Thai population, so bets abound on famous league matches such as the English Premier League or the Champions League.

People always find ways to avoid restrictions. In that sense, here you will see some useful recommendations if you are a sports bettor in Thailand:


Underground Options To Sports Betting In Thailand

Go beyond borders

One element that has contributed to the gambling's popularization is that casinos exist on all land borders in Thailand, from the side of neighboring countries. Many Thai bettors visit bookmakers across the Thai land borders, where there are many bookmakers and casinos. For example, along the border with Cambodia, there are large casinos where Thai punters can go with their passport. An example of this is the Koh Kong Casino, 3 hours by car from Bangkok. All this has the approval of both governments.

Another option is in the Cambodian city of Poipet. Here is the famous Crown Casino that has a betting house with odds for many football matches around the world. The same happens in the northeast of the country on the border with Laos. There is the casino Savan Vegas, the largest in Laos, which is focused on Thai customers. Many of these casinos may not be safe and give no guarantee that the bets are fair. In this regard, the Thai government has issued warnings about this on its side of border crossings.

Place sports bets online

Despite the bans, it is feasible to bet online on sports in Thailand as the police allow gambling on websites that have permission to operate in other countries. In this sense, online Asian bookies are an excellent option. Some of them are authorized in the Philippines and are marketed to Thailand. Even you can use online banking at their sites, and many of these sportsbooks offer payouts free of charge to Thai banks.

All these Asian bookies provide betting options for the world's major football leagues. They also offer betting odds on many other sports.

Combine these two options:

Many Thai punters can place their bets online being in Thailand, and then get their winning in cash in the sportsbooks beyond the Thai borders. Even some of these Thailand online casinos are located in areas located between the entry and exit border points. This makes it possible for you to visit them without sealing the passport.


Conclusion About Sports Betting In Thailand

Although there is a strict law against gambling in Thailand, the people of this country and especially young people, like to bet on sports. Therefore, if you are in Thailand, and you want to prove yourself as a sports bettor, the recommendations that we have mentioned can be very useful.

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