The different types of tipsters you will come across while betting

The Different Types Of Betting Tipsters You Will Come Across

The different types of tipsters you will come across while betting

A tipster is a person with specialized knowledge based on research, statistical study and performance analysis. The field of specialized knowledge can range from sports betting to journalists and derivatives. A tipster exchanges his tips for monetary gain, similar to the way an informant would work.

Fun Fact: There is no tax on any income from betting or wagers in the United Kingdom. Any investment may require the payment of capital gains tax.

The Different Types Of Betting Tipsters

The different types of tipsters you will come across while betting is:

  1. Newspaper Betting Tipsters - Tipsters that are employed by newspapers and online news sites to give out horse racing tips. The tipsters give their best selection and next best selection of the day for the races.
  2. Television Betting Tipsters - Very experienced or popular tipsters make it on to the big screen. These betting tipsters present on tv shows that include football pundits, expected outcomes and team analysis. Most television betting tipsters are ex-players.
  3. Radio Betting Tipsters - Radio tipsters offer only a limited amount of information on select games. Moreover, radio tipsters may just read out tips from the Daily Newspapers. However, there are several radio shows and podcasts that are dedicated to sports tipping in different sports across the world.
  4. Internet Betting Tipsters - Internet tipsters are tipsters available online, generally from an online tipster marketplace. Several forums exist online where people discuss sports and betting tips. It is important to note that tipsters are professional service providers and there is a clear distinction between tipsters and casual internet forums. That’s why online betting tipsters charge a premium for their services.

Types of Internet Betting Tipsters

There are 4 different types of tipsters available on SoccerTipsters, a soccer betting tips marketplace. The different types of internet tipsters you can find online are:

  1. Junior Soccer Tipsters / Free Soccer Tipsters
  2. Senior Soccer Tipsters
  3. Premium Soccer Tipsters
  4. Bundle Soccer Tipsters

Tipping Scams

Tipsters must be reliable and consistent over periods of time. If you feel that a tipster may lack one of these qualities, then scan around some more to find the right tipsters for you. Sometimes, tipping services such as those tips given out by post or call and even sometimes by mail can be fraudulent or fake.

A tipster can also give out two different outcomes to two different customers and one of them is bound to win. A bettor may feel that he/she won because of the tipster and pay for future tips. It is always essential to use a secure soccer betting tips marketplace to find genuine soccer tipsters.

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