Mastering Asian Handicap Betting: Tips And Strategies

Cracking The Asian Handicap Code

Mastering Asian Handicap Betting: Tips And Strategies

When it comes to sports betting, many people like to play simple bets like match winner or over/under, but for real betting enthusiasts, Asian handicap is a core for every bet. We imply that the Asian handicap isn’t for rookies but for more advanced players. But, you don’t have anything to worry about as in this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Asian handicaps.

Understanding Asian Handicap

Before we talk about some aspects of Asian handicaps and confuse inexperienced players, we need to explain what precisely an Asian handicap is. So, unlike traditional fixed-odds betting, Asian handicap introduces some handicap or goal advantage to the favorite of the match so the odds are balanced. This adjustment also aims to eliminate the possibility of a draw in those games. But why is this good? Because there are games where the winner is clear days before the game even starts. That’s where the Asian handicap balances the playing field and makes the match interesting.

Identifying Value Bets

If you want to make some money using Asian handicapping, you must be skilled at identifying value bets. But before we get into what you need to do, let’s disclose what is a value bet. A value bet is when the chances of an event occurring are greater than the odds suggest. So, now that we got that out of the way, we can continue with an explanation. To identify a value bet, you might dive deep into the history records of both teams and know everything about them. From historical records to recent team news.

Exploring Handicap Variations

There isn’t only one variation of Asian handicaps; if you want to make some advanced betting strategies, you must know them all. Keep in mind that every one of these three variations has its own set of advantages and complexities. Here are the three most popular Asian handicap variations:

Single Handicap

This one involves giving either team a positive or a negative handicap for a whole number. Let’s say that team A has a -1 handicap, and now they need to win by at least two goals.

Double Handicap

On the double handicap, your stake is split equally between two bets. So, for example, you have team A on -0.5 and -1; if team A wins by only 1 goal, half of the stake is refunded.

Quarter Handicap

The third most popular variation is a quarter handicap, in which you have far more betting options because it introduces quarter-goal adjustments. For example, you have team A at -0.75 and -1.25 handicap. So if the team wins by two goals, both halves of the bet are successful.

Bankroll Management And Discipline

Bankroll management doesn’t directly impact your betting strategy but indirectly. How is that? Well, bankroll management implies that you should have a weekly or monthly budget for betting. When you set that budget, you divide that number equally by how many bets you want to make that week or month. That is done to suppress any emotion-based betting and to make sure you are disciplined. If you integrate bankroll management into your betting strategy, your winning percentage will be higher.

Closing Thoughts

To crack the Asian Handicap code, you’ll need a combination of analysis, strategic thinking, and knowledge. With that said, you need to start slowly and with small bets to learn from your mistakes and gradually increase your bets as you gain more knowledge and experience.

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