10 Sports Betting Misconceptions Explained

10 Sports Betting Myths Debunked

10 Sports Betting Misconceptions Explained

We will try to debunk the top ten myths about sports betting. You’ve probably heard of a few, and some will surprise you. Without further ado, let’s go.

Bookmaker Is Always Right

There is not one bookmaker on this planet who can know the match’s outcome. Also, they don’t always get it right. They have a bunch of data and can somewhat predict what will happen.

You Need To Be a Genius To Earn From Betting

You don’t need a Ph.D. to earn from betting. Of course, you need to do statistical analysis, but you can buy someone else. Also, there are ways to be profitable without hard work and research. The course is purchasing research that someone else did.

There Is No Risk-Free Betting

There are two risk-free techniques:

  • Matched Betting: This is where you use free bonuses from bookmakers to bet.

  • Arbitrage Betting: Here, you can earn on difference in odds at bookmakers and betting exchanges.

You Can’t Earn From Betting

Most bettors lose in the long run, but some gambling professionals live off it. The key is hard work and research. Just like in every other industry, nothing comes easy. Don’t take this advice and quit your job to gamble. We say it’s possible.

I Can Win Because I Know What The Results Are Going To Be

Nobody can know the result. It can happen only in match-fixing, which is illegal. Also, if it’s a fixed match, there is a big chance that the bookmakers will know it, too, and remove the game from the listings. There are no guaranteed wins in sports betting. Anything can happen.

No Point in Betting on Higher Odds, It Never Wins

The next myth is not valid. The odds are probability. The higher the odds - least likely something is going to happen. But we have all seen underdogs beating the favorite; it always happens. If you are betting on those matches, you might see a win for a short time. But when it happens, it sure pays a lot.

I Haven’t Won In a Long Time; Now It’s Time

This one is important because many new bettors think that way. You can hit winning and losing streaks, but every new bet is independent of the last one, and there is no correlation. Your previous results have no impact on your next ones.

Odds Don’t Matter; I’ll Pick More Winners

This myth is why bookmakers are rolling in cash. Odds are the most critical aspect of betting. Let’s take, for example, Barcelona winning every match in the league. Of course, they will win a lot, but the odds are too small, and you will be at a loss.

Strategies Don’t Work; Betting Is Luck

Chance is a big part of betting, as everything can happen at the match. But, by playing some strategies, you can increase your chance of winning a bet and being profitable in the long run.

Bookies Have Better Odds Than Betting Exchanges

Bookmakers rarely have higher odds than betting exchanges, and there is a reason for that. The reason is that they do all that they can lower the odds so people can’t do arbitrage betting. And you can’t be mad at them. They protect themselves.

Closing Thoughts

And that’s it; now you are more educated and knowledgeable than most bettors who believe in those.


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