Safeguarding Your Betting Capital: Mastering The Art Of Bankroll Management

The Art Of Bankroll Management: How To Protect Your Betting Capital

Safeguarding Your Betting Capital: Mastering The Art Of Bankroll Management

Even professional investors do bankroll management. Those people work with millions of dollars; you should do the same if they believe the system. This article will teach you to properly manage your bankroll and improve your chances in long-term betting.

Why Is Bankroll Management Important

We are going to explain this best in one example. Let’s say this month you have $1.000 to bet. Would you instead play twice for $500 or stretch it out into smaller bets you can play the whole month? Bankroll management is a strategy where you would play a smaller % of the whole pot. That way, you are minimalizing the risks and can play more often, and don’t be so stressed about the outcome. Bankroll management allows you to relax and stretch your money to the furthest amount. Also, people who have implemented bankroll management into their strategy are far more likely to be successful in betting in the long term.

Three Steps To Bankroll Management

Here are the three steps that will teach you essential bankroll management. You will be more successful after you understand and implement these three steps.

Step #1: Size Of Your Bankroll

Never gamble with what you can’t lose; we can start with the first step. The size of your bankroll is how much you can afford to burn on a weekly/monthly basis. That is up to you because this is your financial situation. Different folks have different definitions of what they can afford to lose. To someone, $50 is pocket change, and to someone, $500 is pocket change. So, make a plan and do it. Note that you should write all your deposits and withdrawals as if you are making a lot of promises/leaves; you can get carried away and need to remember how much you have put in.

Step #2: Choose The Unit Size

When you set your bankroll amount, it’s time for the next step, choosing a unit. Unit is how much you are going to spend on one event. Keep in mind these should be consistent. People are usually putting 1-5% of their bankroll. Although many people are playing from 1-5%, we recommend staying in the 1-3%. Many professional bettors never play for more than 1%, but again, they play with more money. Of course, this comes down only to your preference.

Step #3: Reevaluate Your Bankroll

Sports betting is highly volatile, as you can win and lose a lot. When that happens, adjust your size unit. If you win a lot, you can put more into each bet. However, you should put less % on each bet if you lose a lot. For instance, professional bettors expect to hit about 60% of their bets and lose about 40%. Therefore, if you are winning over 60%, you should up your units; if you are losing more than 40%, you should lower it. Also, only bet up to 5% of your bankroll on any event.

Closing Thoughts

Remember that this is not some cheat code in betting. It is our tip that can increase your overall winning percentage. Be sure to understand how to manage bankroll before implementing it, as failure can lead to unwanted results.


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