Betting On Goals Betting Strategy

Betting Strategy In Leagues With The Most Goals

Betting On Goals Betting Strategy

Betting on goals is something popular in soccer betting. It has great advantages since it is not usually excessively risky and can provide significant benefits. Likewise, betting in the leagues with the most goals is an interesting betting strategy. It is based on the over and under 2.5 betting market. Next, we will focus on football leagues with the highest goal ratio and how we can benefit from them. 

Which Are The Leagues With The Most Goals In The World?

We are going to establish a soccer European leagues list with the highest goal ratio.

  • Austria Bundesliga: It presents a ratio of 3.38 goals per match, one of the highest on the continent. Also, 62% of the matches ended with at least three goals.
  • Belgian First Division (Jupiter Pro League): It presents 3.01 goals per match ratio.
  • Germany Bundesliga: It presents a ratio of 3.15 goals per match. Besides, until the December break, 58% of the matches had three or more goals scored.
  • Italian Serie A: With 3.16 goals per game, this league has the highest scoring rate among the major European soccer leagues.
  • Netherlands Eredivisie: This league has always been an abundant goals' source. This season exhibits 3.25 goals per match average and 60% of games over 2.5 goals.

In addition to these five, we can mention others such as the Austria Second Division (3.01), the Ireland Second Division (2.93), the German Second Division (2.90), and the Japan J1 League (2.83). In all the league competitions mentioned, betting on +2.5 goals is a relatively safe forecast. Besides, we can find good odds in this market. The leagues mentioned before are among the professional football tournaments with the highest scoring rates in Europe. However, if we want to go deeper into the +2.5 goals betting market, we can look at lower-level competitions. In this sense, we can look at the Scandinavia region.

  • Norway First Division: Keep in mind that in this league, 60% of the matches have ended with more than 2.5 goals. Likewise, this league has 3.25 goals per match rate, and in 64% of its matches, both teams have scored.
  • Denmark First Division: It is a championship with a very low rate of draws (19%). Besides, 61% of the matches end over +2.5 goals. So, this league fits perfectly with the forecast we are dealing with.
  • Faroe Islands First Division: It is an unknown competition for the average bettor. But, in this league, 66% of the matches have at least three goals, and it has 3.45 goals per game average.

How To Bet On The Highest-Scoring Leagues

Making this betting strategy is very simple. We only have to access our preferred bookie and check if it has markets to bet on in any competition we have mentioned. If they have these leagues, we can start combining the forecast of +2.5 or -2.5 goals with others, such as a team's victory, a tie at halftime, or both teams to score. Moreover, betting on the Scandinavian leagues is always a good option. It is especially true if we focus our bets on the possible number of goals on the scoreboard. There are no such dominant teams as in the major European leagues. So, most bookmakers tend to give little attention to these competitions.

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