How To Bet On Corners In Football

Learn How To Bet On Corners In Football

How To Bet On Corners In Football

In the old days, football betting focused on match-winners and scoring players. Thanks to new technologies and statistics available, we can place more types of bets. Today, you can bet on who will win a match, how many goals there will be, the exact score, and other markets. However, not everyone knows that there are other interesting options to make a profit with sports betting. Such is the case with bet on corners kicks amount. 

Betting On Corners

There are different types of corner bets. The most basic is to predict whether there will be more or less than a certain number of corner kicks, usually +/- 9.5. But, there are many more options. You can bet on markets like these:

  • Betting that there will be between 0 and 9, 10-12, or 13 or more corners.
  • On the number of corners for each half of the game or by teams.
  • On which team will shot the most number of corners.
  • On which team will throw the first corner kick of the game, or if there will be one corner in the next few minutes.

Tips For Betting on Corners

When betting on the number of corners, we must consider at what moment in the game, the competition, and the season we are. The ideal situations are usually these:

  • There is only one goal difference in the final minutes of a match: This situation is even more favorable if the one who loses is the favorite and even more if it plays at home.
  • The second leg matches in a tie, in which it may even be convenient to bet on corners of both teams as it unfolds.
  • End-of-season matches, where every goal is valuable, the players do their best to achieve the objectives.

The numbers show notable differences between the different leagues in the world because in more prestigious leagues, the level of both players and coaches is higher. In this sense, a coach with very skilled players will use all his resources to score goals. Corners shots are one of these resources. Likewise, the need for a favorite team to win is an important factor that punters do not always consider. Two teams with a similar level and for whom a draw is good will be conservative in their game, resulting in a few corners during the match. In these cases, a bet on under corners would be a good option. On the contrary, in matches whereby a team is clearly a favorite and needs to win, we should bet on the over of corners.

The weather is another factor to consider. A game played in the rain will be very different from a game in favorable weather conditions. In a game with a lot of rain, players will tire more easily, and tactics change to exploit players less physically. Usually, in bad environmental conditions, there are fewer corner kicks than in favorable conditions. Corners have gained much prominence in the football-betting world. More and more bettors put their knowledge and hunches into practice to place bets on this aspect of the game.

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