The Best Sites For Football Betting Tips

What Is The Best Sites For Football Betting Tips

The Site For Football Betting Tips

Betting tips are the predictions made by professional tipsters. Those tips are quite useful in winning bets. The professionals who have spent a large part of their career in football game in a capacity or other choose to follow giving tips as a career option. Thus, those betting tips sites that bring you the best soccer tipsters at one place can be your reliable support for winning football bets. Let’s try to understand which are such betting tips sites and how to select the one that is most likely to boost your confidence.

Which is the best football betting tips site of the year?

Actually, there is not just one but a few betting tips sites that have fared remarkably well and earned the reputation of being the best football betting tips site of the year. The two of the chosen ones are:

This tipster site offers tips in a very sorted manner. The bettors can select the betting services they are interested in and the amount they want to put on stake. Thus, the selection of tips become easier, faster and completely purpose-driven. The best part is that the site offers only 100% verified tips. To add more to convenience, if the bettors lose any bet, they are given free tip as replacement for the same.

Football Tipster offers one day free trial to new betting enthusiasts, which is a unique feature. This tipster site offers lots of tips on half time betting services, such as half time – 1x2 fixed odds, Asian Handicap, Correct Score, etc. The site maintains the most updated tipster directory. Those who want to get help on live betting can find tips for today’s fixtures and live score too.

Which tipster site offers the most reliable tips?

 A betting site can offer the most reliable tips when it has done detailed investigation on its tipster network and games. The site that can offer the most reliable tips can be spotted by taking look at its service features, comprising:

  • Tipster guarantee: The best tipster site will be confident of each and every tip that the customer buys from it. They cover tips with replacement guarantee, verification guarantee, etc. to show the hard work poured into the tipster network development.
  • 100% verified tips: The football betting tips reach the consumers only after 100% verification. It brings an element of assurance that investment in tips will never go waste.
  • Wide coverage of betting services: Tipsters sites that deliver the best results always cover wide range of betting services. It ensures that the users with different motives get what they need from the tipster site.

How tipsters are selected for providing tips at the best football tips site?

Football tips site employs a variety of stringent checks before providing tipsters a place in its network. Some of the best practices followed by the football tips site to deliver the surest tip are:


  • Unalterable tip submission system: Tipsters need to submit daily tips for verification. Once submitted, they cannot alter the tips. It allows bettors to make correct decisions.
  • 100-day consistency and correctness check: Several tipsters sites make it mandatory for tipsters to go through tips accuracy check. These sites monitor the tipsters’ performance for specific time which may go up to 100 days as per their policy before inducting them into the network.
  • More than 85% winning percentage preferred: Tipsters sites select that the professional tips providers have strike rate of 85% and more. The ROI of more than 100-200% is also a preferred feature considered.

What are the top features of the best football betting tips?

  1. The bettors can select the best football betting tips by considering following features:
  2. Lots of tips on most popular betting services
  3. High strike rate of tips provided
  4. All important tournaments and leagues worldwide covered
  5. Easy and secure payment methods
  6. Only 100% verified, scamsters-proof tips site
  7. Most updated tipster directory
  8. Live score betting tips for most current situations

To Sum Up

Selecting the sure football betting tips can be a wise approach for increasing the win chances. By being correct and easy to use, the tips sites can help bettors add to their profits significantly.


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