Manchester United Relegate From English Premier League

Did Manchester United Ever Get Relegated From The Premier League?

Manchester United Relegate From English Premier League

Manchester United F.C. – Many would say that they are one of the greatest football clubs of all time, even though they may not be performing as good as they used to right now. They are by no means doing badly, they finished second in the Premier League season, just after Manchester City, and won the Carabao Cup. It’s just that everyone seems to hold them at such a high standard, and rightly so.

They’re a dominant force in the Premier League and are by far the most successful club in the division, and English footballing history, having won 13 league titles since its creation in 1992, under the management of Sir Alex Ferguson. Under his leadership, United never placed below third. Their last Premier League title was back in the 2012-13 season, which was Furgerson’s last campaign before his retirement. If you were to take the Football League First Division into consideration; the Premier League’s predecessor which began in 1888, The Red Devils have a total of 20 wins, which is a record. Taking into consideration how good they are, during the history of their existence as a team, did they ever get relegated?

Since its formation, their worst Premier League season so far was back in 2013-14, right after Sir Alex Ferguson departure, where they placed 7th in the competition. Manchester United struggled to adapt under their new head coach, David Moyes. As a result, they did not qualify for any major European leagues.


Did Manchester United ever get relegated?

Manchester United had had much worse campaigns, since their formation in 1878, back when they were known as Newton Heath LYR. Way before the inception of the Premier League, or even the Football League First Division. They’ve been relegated five times since then. Now, this isn't a large number at all, but let's take a look at those times when Manchester United weren't the top quality English giants we know and love today.


Manchester United Relegations

  1. The first time Manchester United were ever relegated was during 1893-94 when they were known as Newton Heath. With a total of 14 points, they placed last in the tournament, which consisted of 16 teams, having only lost 22 of 30 matches.
  2. The next time was in their 1921-22 season, where they placed last again, out of 22 teams. The lost 22 out of 42 matches and raked in 28 points.
  3. 1930-31 just wasn’t their season, as they placed last again, and they were relegated to the second division along with Leeds United, after winning only seven games in total.
  4. With a total of 32 points, United was relegated yet again in their 1936-37 season, along with Sheffield Wednesday.
  5. The last time The Red Devils were relegated was way back in 1973-74, in the Football League First Division. They placed 21st and were relegated to the Second Division, along with Southampton and Norwich City. The managed to rake up only 32 points, and lost 20 of their 42 matches. However, they only spent one season in the second division, which hey one, and as a result promoted to the first division again, where they have stayed ever since.

So there you have it, all the times Manchester United were relegated since their formation. They’ve never played lower than the second tier of English football. Love them or hate them, they’re undeniably a great team, and now that they have Ole Gunnar Solskjær as their new head coach, they’re bound to get better.

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