Betting Strategy That Everyone Should Know

The 'Wildest' Betting Strategy That Everyone Should Know

Betting Strategy That Everyone Should Know

All bettors love the adrenaline rush that comes with sports betting. A good wager makes any sporting even all that more interesting. The stakes are so mulch higher because it’s just not your satisfaction on the line, it’s money too, and a whole lot of it sometime. If you were a casual punter, it would be reasonable to make your decisions without any strategies or tactics. But if you’re looking for steady, long term profits, then a good plan is a must.


Wildest Betting Strategy

So, what is one tactic that everyone should know? One that increases the chances of you making a BIG profit while still keeping things interesting?

I’d like to introduce you to something called progressive betting systems. If things work out for you, this system of wagering will guarantee huge payouts. The only drawback is that it is also high risk, but what’s a gamble without any unpredictability, right? Essentially, this system is a high risk, high-profit scheme. It’s super simple and incredibly wild!


What are progressive bets?

The concept is quite uncomplicated, really. All it encompasses is increasing your stake on your next bet each time you win. That’s if you bet $5 and win, you would stake $10 on your next bet. If you win this one as well, you stake $15. And so it goes. You get the gist.

As opposed to this, there are negative progressive betting systems, which involves increasing your stake each time you lose. But with this strategy, you can quickly go astray, and end up chasing your losses. As mentioned before, progressive bets are risky, and this betting strategy works best if done in short bursts. There are several of several types, or sequences if you will, and here’s a list of a couple for you. They’re all straightforward, so read on.


The Paroli System

This one is by far the easiest to implement. Here, you have a base amount or a lower limit. If you win, you increase your stake by your lower limit the next time you bet. Let’s say your base limit is $5. You win, so the next time, you stake $10, and $25 if you win again, then $35. And so it goes. You also have an upper limit, which is the maximum you’re willing to bet. If you decide on $50, for instance, after you reach this limit, you go back to your base amount and stake only $5. You do the same if you lose the bet. Oscar's grind is also a similar system.


The Martindale system

The Martindale betting system is a negative progressive betting system, where you double your stake every time you lose, in order to make up for that loss. Say you wagered $100, and you forgot, the next time you bet, to stake $200 to make up for the $100 you lost.

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