Fall Of The Red Side Of Manchester United

The Fall Of The Red Side Of Manchester United

Fall Of The Red Side Of Manchester United

There was once a time when Manchester United was undeniably once the best name in football; they were seemingly perfect, infallible. Looking back, they have quite the track record. But all this took a turn for the worst a few years ago, when they suffered from, what one may call, a fall from grace. The club clawed their way all their way to the top, and during their post-Ferguson era, they slipped, and boy, did they fall hard. Their past few seasons have been abysmal when compared to the immensely talented team they once were.

Just to put into perspective how good they were, they have a total of 20 Premier League titles, more than any other club. They have also scored the highest number of goals and have the cleanest sheets in the tournament, 12 FA titles 5 League Cups and a whopping 21 FA Community shields, making them the most successful club, not just in Europe, but the world. They were the first team to score more than a 1000 goals at the Premier League, and are also the only club to win the EPL title 3 times in a row.

The departure of United’s revered head coach, Sir Alex Ferguson, was when, according to many, their decline began. Since his departure in 2013, the club has reportedly spent around 650 million on transfers, and have played under three different managers, robbing them of the stability and cohesion any team requires. Despite the number of transfers, they are yet to bag a big title. Under Ferguson, the team had some incredible players- Ronaldo, Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic, etc. Finding suitable replacements who were on par with these talented individuals has proven to be difficult, resulting in the team falling short of expectations.

Then came in a flurry of mediocre managers, whose style and decisions did not benefit the club whatsoever. David Moyes seemed overwhelmed, lost. Louis Van Gaal’s season was slow. Jose Mourinho’s tactics have been controversial, and although United fared better under him when compared to the former two, he brought nothing extraordinary. The three of them haven’t made the best decisions on United’s behalf. In the last four Premier Leagues, they were 22, 17, 15 and 24 points behind the title winners.

Many have also pointed fingers at Vice Chairman Ed Woodward. He has undoubtedly been a great businessman, his decisions have generated tonnes of revenue for the club when it comes to the commercial side of things. But regarding the actual game and performance level, he hasn’t made the best choices- Pogba for example. He seems to be more focused on building the team as a marketable brand, rather than improving their form.

Manchester United are by no means a bad team

They have just fallen very short of the incredibly high expectations that everyone holds for them. Regardless of their performance, they have been named the richest club by Forbes twice in a row now. Additionally, the club still has one of the largest, most devoted fan bases that spans across the entire world, who support them no matter what.

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