Winning Strategies For Building a Betting System

Creating a Winning Betting System: Tips & Strategies

Winning Strategies For Building a Betting System

You can place wagers as they come. Or, you can take each betting session seriously and do everything you can to claim profitable wins. The first approach is just grand if you’re betting for fun and nothing more. The second approach is what you need to make any decent headway in the gambling world. And, for this, you need a reliable betting system. Now, while bettors have an extensive array of already polished sports betting strategies they can try, they can also make their own. Here, we’ll look at everything that goes into building a betting system and all the tips and strategies for creating your winning model.

The Beginner’s Handbook To Building a Betting System

Developing your betting system gives you a personalized, independent point of reference that you can call on when trying to establish the probability of a given outcome. Building your own can be stressful. But, the payoff is that, since it’ll be yours, it’ll fit your betting style like a glove. Here’s how to get started building your betting strategy.

#1 – Know What Market You’ll be Using the Betting Strategy

No betting system, no matter how good, can work with the same level of efficacy in every betting market. It is why you can save time and resources by tailoring your betting system to a given call from the get-go.

#2 – Highlight All Relevant Data Elements

Every betting model has to be powered by statistics. So, which statistics will yours be using? How do you intend to compensate and account for inevitable occurrences like suspensions, injuries, and other similar elements that affect a team’s performance? Identify these variables clearly and move forward from there.

#3 – Collate Your Data

Once you know what kind of statistical information you’ll need, the next thing becomes collecting this information. Of course, you’ll likely also collect some irrelevant data now. However, you needn’t worry as you can get rid of anything you can’t find a use for further down the road.

#4 – Find a Way To Compensate For Anomalies Properly

The number of anomalies in sports betting can sometimes feel unreal. Finding the ideal way to account for this is crucial because it directly affects how you perceive and interpret each sports event.

#5 – Develop Your Betting Model And Introduce Your Data

With all the other variables accounted for, the time has come to build your betting system. A decent knowledge of programs like MATLAB, Excel, Maple, and Freemat would be invaluable here. Once done, you can put this system to work and test its efficiency. You can then make tweaks accordingly.


Sure, building a betting system isn’t the easiest thing. That said, bettors who keep at it and develop a functional model will surely get the best the betting industry offers!


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