Betting High Odds

Betting High Odds In Sports Betting

Betting High Odds

The bets with high odds are the most attractive for bettors since, with minimal investment, they can offer relatively high winnings. Here, we will explain the implications of betting at high odds in sports betting. However, the events of these odds have a low success percentage, so they are complicated to hit. Also, we’ll talk about how we can manage them. When we talk about high odds, we refer to odds equal or superior to 5.00. The first thing to keep in mind if you want to bet at odds is that they have a low probability of success. The reason is that they do not represent such a high risk and offer the possibility of doubling, tripling, or quadrupling our investment. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for odds that are in a range between 2.00 and 4.00.

How To Win With High Odds In Sports Betting?

It is more interesting than knowing if it is better to bet on high or low odds than knowing whether odds have value. Thus, to win sports bets with high odds, it is necessary to estimate as well as possible the occurring probability of the event to bet on. In this sense, we must collect and analyze statistical data that helps us create a clear idea of ​​the game. This analysis should help us to check, in advance, the success percentage that a high odds event can have. For example, let's say we bet on the "both teams to score" market in the first half of a match with odds equal to 7.00. It is a somewhat risky bet that offers very high odds. Yet, if both teams bring a high scoring rate, the bet will not be as risky as it seems.

Strategies To Bet On High Odds

Betting on high or low odds will depend directly on the strategy you are going to follow. Let's say you found a strategy that is expected to have a 50% hit rate. That is, with it, you hope to hit half of the bets you make. In this case, the average odd should be above 2.00. Otherwise, you will have a negative yield after a certain time. We already know that odds are a probability representation and that higher odds are more difficult to hit. So, betting systems or strategies with higher average odds expect lower hit rates. Then, it is important to be prepared to face long losing bets streaks if you want to follow a strategy with high average odds.

A typical example of a high odds betting strategy is betting on draws. With this type of strategy, we can obtain yields higher than 30%, with success rates ranging between 30% and 35%. These results are due to the odds having a value of at least 3.90. However, in strategies like these, you can have negative streaks of up to 20 losing bets even if they are profitable in the long term. In this sense, it is crucial to be clear about whether we are willing to face this situation and maintain confidence in the strategy. As we saw in these examples, you do not have to look only at the odds to know if it is good to bet at high odds. We must analyze the context of the strategy that we are following. The odds value is one element in the equation, and we must combine it with other factors to have a coherent strategy.

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