Superstitions In Gambling World

Different Superstitions In Gambling World

Superstitions In Gambling World

There has been a lot of talk about the relationship between gambling and superstitions. It is easy for these beliefs to develop in bettors and appear in future gambling sessions. Casino games, especially roulette, craps, and slots, require a good deal of luck. Some prefer to focus on their skills and common sense. However, most regular gamblers admit to doing some ritual when gambling. They believe in certain superstitions. For example, they try to recreate the same environment and situations in the following bets when they win. Similarly, if they lose, they will try to find out what caused their bad luck. Likewise, some elements or actions bring bad luck and that they avoid at all costs. These actions include avoiding contact with certain objects, wearing the jersey of their favorite team, and so on. In this sense, if you think that playing cross-legged poker brings you bad luck, you may lose. The reason is that you subconsciously expected to lose. And if this happens, that belief will be reinforced.

What Superstitions Exist In Gambling?

  • Rituals: are actions or routines designed to attract luck. They can range from crossing your fingers to blowing dice or knocking on wood.
  • Company: some players consider that a certain person's presence can bring them luck or bad luck.
  • Leaving the table: some believe that getting up from the table during the session can cause them to lose their good streak. Although, some think just the opposite and prefer to get up from time to time.
  • Lucky clothing: Many people apply this not only to gambling but to many other aspects of their lives. They are pieces of clothing that make the owner believe they are going to help him win.
  • Lucky Numbers and Colors: 7 is widely regarded as the lucky number that attracts prosperity, which is why it appears so often in slot machines. Likewise, the number 13 is considered in western culture the most unfortunate number that exists. Colors also have a significant influence, especially in Asian cultures where players often wear red clothes or bet on the color red on roulette.
  • Charms: Bettors wear many items as good luck charms. The horseshoe, the four-leaf clover, and the rabbit's foot are among the most common. Some objects are considered to bring bad luck, such as umbrellas, broken mirrors, or black cats.
  • Slots: gamblers don't want to bet on machines that have already hit a big jackpot that night. This is mainly because they believe that he will not give it again in the following hours.
  • If you are on a roll, do not move from the table: Many gamblers believe that if you have a good streak, you should not look in any direction other than the game table because if you do. 

Wrapping Up

As long as you don't let superstitions control you, believing that something can bring you luck can even be beneficial. If you feel on a good luck streak, you will probably be happy. Then, it will make you have a better time while you bet.

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