2020 Turkey Super League

What's Happening In 2020 Turkey Super League So Far

2020 Turkey Super League

The 2020 Turkey Super League is the 62nd season of the Super League. This is the highest tier football league in this country. The league matches started in August 2019. They were scheduled to go until May 17 in 2020. However, the 2020 Turkey Super League's organizers were not able to stick to the schedule because of Coronavirus fears. Following, we present a summary of what was happening in the 2020 Turkey Super League until the date it had to stop.


What’s Occurred So Far In The 2020 Turkey Super League?

Most of the European countries are impacted by COVID-19 coronavirus. Due to the same reason, they have decided to suspend the domestic level tournaments. However, the 2020 Turkey Super League tried to continue the matches behind closed doors for seven days. However, it didn’t take a long time to realize that they are not doing something practical. According to the stats of 2020, Turkey Super League matches that were played as of now, the Trabzonspor team has secured the table's top position. They have played 26 matches in total and have won 15 out of them. The team has only lost 3 matches.

The Istanbul Basaksehir team has been able to secure the same number of wins as well. Both these teams have 8 drawn matches. The Galatasaray team confirms third place in the 2020 Turkey Super League points table as of now. They have also played 26 games and have won 14 of them. With 234 matches performed, the local teams won 43% of them. Meanwhile, only 29% of the games were visitors' wins, leaving 28% on draws. When it comes to goals, in this league were scored 2.82 goals per match, and there were 3 goals or more in 54% of the games. We are still early to make predictions based on this points table. But, you will notice that one out of these teams will secure the trophy at the end of the league. The date where we can see that happening is still not sure.


What Will Be The Future Of The Turkey Super League?

On March 12, 2020, the organizers announced that teams would play all the remaining matches inside closed-door stadiums. They initially planned to keep the matches scheduled until late April to be played behind closed doors. However, they later changed the mind, especially when they realized how fast the virus is spreading.

However, the organizers were not able to continue with the matches as scheduled. Playing the games behind closed doors was not practical as well. As a result, they decided on March 19 to postpone the rest of the matches in the tournament indefinitely. That’s because the coronavirus is still spreading, and the 2020 Turkey Super League organizers are still clueless on when they will be able to continue the matches. We will see the organizing committee have a meeting at the end of the pandemic and rescheduling the rest of the tournament. Therefore, Turkish football fans will have to wait to enjoy their domestic league again. So does the rest of the football fans around the globe.

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