Biggest Match Fixing Scandals

History Biggest Match Fixing Scandals [Infographic]

Biggest Match Fixing Scandals

If you are a betting lover, then you must have heard about the most famous betting scandals in the history of football sports.  In today’s time, match fixing is common among the players either to win or to make money. Who doesn’t want to earn a decent amount? There are many names in the football sports betting who have been alleged to fix matches.

This infographic will provide you all the details about the players involved in the biggest match fixing scandal. Take a look:


British Football Betting Scandal

In 1964, Jimmy Gauld, a former Scottish Youth International Footballer & organizer of the betting ring was caught when he did match fixing along with a player named David Layne & two more international players from England.  The incident was open up by The Sunday People Newspaper. The players involved were sent to the prison & were banned from the sport for a lifetime.


Italian Football Scandal

In 1980, the match fixing scandal in Italian football history was the one known as ‘Totonero.’  Guardia di Finanza revealed the matter along with the involved teams. Moreover, the two shopkeepers in Rome also alleged the players for fixing match to earn money.


Brazilian Matching Fixing Scandal

In Brazilian scandal, two football referees were involved. It was a matter of accepting bribes which were handled by sports authorities & the referees were banned for life from football sports.


Fifa World Cup Fixing Scandal

Fifa World cup Fixing Scandal in 2006 was one of the biggest scandals till now. Due to the knowledge of final scores in advance by Asian Gambling syndicates, the match between the teams was fixed. The incident was invested & the players were alleged by The German Football Federation & German Football League.

Bundesliga Fixing Scandal (2005)

It was 2005 when the Bundesliga match fixing scandal came into notice.   Robert Hoyzer, a referee, was involved in this betting scandal. Hoyzer was sentenced to jail for planning & plotting crime & as a result, he was also banned from football for life.

Feel free to share the infographic below. It’ll be cool if you credit us. Get to know more about the players & football match fixing scandals in this visually appealing infographic:

History Biggest Match Fixing Scandals Infographic


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