Main Points In a Professional Footballer Contract

What Are The Main Points In A Footballer Contract?

Main Points In a Professional Footballer Contract


Salary information

Contracts enumerate a professional footballer salary information and all the details of their remuneration and terms of payment. It details how much the footballer will be paid every month, and also, all the costs that the club will cover on their behalf. For instance, the club will cover all medical, travel, accommodation, and food costs. The club also agrees to cover the price for any injuries that were a result of sports activities and consents to provide them with paid leave if they are rendered incapable of playing. It also details the reasons deduction of salary, which includes relegation to a lower league, fines, etc. Professional footballers also earn a large sum of money due to the bonus systems load down in their contract.


Disciplinary procedures and Termination

The contract mentions the steps that are to be taken for any disciplinary action, and the penalties are given if the player is found guilty of the violation of terms after an investigation and hearing. If the player doesn't agree with the final decision, he has the right to appeal.

Another area that contacts deal with is termination. This can be initiated by both parties, the club or the player. The player can be terminated on the grounds of misconduct, if they continuously fail to comply with the rules or if they are convicted of any criminal offense. The player may also initiate the termination process if there is any violation of the terms of the contract, or of the club fails or refuses to pay any remuneration or bonuses.


Obligations of the player

The contract also lays down the obligations the player has to the club, the standard procedure, and he has to follow while he is with them. These rules are relatively basic, and includes different points like how the player is required to attend all the club's matches and training sessions, to maintain a high level of physical fitness and not to participate in any activities that may compromise his or her health, comply with the Laws of the Game, and so on.

In some contracts, there is a section that deals with public relations and marketing, which places restrictions of what the player can wear in public while on official football club business. The player cannot wear anything, or sport any logo without permission from club officials.


Obligations of the club

This part deals with the duties of the club towards the player. The club is responsible for ensuring their player is familiar with the rules, and they are also obligated to cover all injury and medical expenses which includes treatment for mental illness as long as the player is with them. They are also to ensure that their player maintains proper physical health, support any educational or vocational training that they might pursue, and also, to uphold the privacy rights of their player.

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