Transitioning From Bettor To Expert Tipster

From Punter To Tipster: How To Make The Leap And Share Your Betting Expertise

Transitioning From Bettor To Expert Tipster

When you are involved with the betting industry for some time, you get a feel for the odds and can easily spot the bets that are likely to win. When you get to that level, you are a professional bettor, meaning you can live off what you earn from betting on sports matches. Another thing that you can do is become a tipster. Why not? You can earn some money without any risk. Because of that, in this article, we will cover how to transition from being a bettor to being a tipster and how to monetize and be good at it.

The Transition: Why Become a Tipster?

The first thing is that you can find value in your expertise. For example, if you are an expert in one of the major leagues, you can only make money by risking your money on the teams from that league. If you are selling your tips, you can make money from everyone willing to bet on matches in that league. The second thing is that you are going to build a reputation. We are not saying that you can become a superstar, but more people will definitely know you, which can later open some other doors.

The Essentials Of Transitioning

So, you are interested now. But what would it take for you to become a tipster? Well, it would take a lot of in-depth research. That's because your job becomes research. You simply need to know everything to sell that knowledge to anyone willing to pay you for it. The next thing is that you need to develop a strategy. For example, you want everyone to follow your bets the same. So, you create a whole strategy, meaning there is risk assessment, bankroll management, and the specific way everyone should be.

Establish An Online Presence

You need to know a couple of things to establish an online presence. Before we delve into this chapter, we want to say that you need an online presence for people to find you. You can have a 100% win rate; still, people would need to learn who you are and what you do. The three things that are crucial for establishing an online presence are:

  • Creating a platform: No matter if it's a Facebook group, website, or Instagram account, people need to find you somehow.

  • Quality content: You'll need to create quality content for people to recognize you.

  • Interacting with your followers: You must interact to keep them engaged with your content and buy what you are selling.

Monetizing Your Expertise

You can monetize your knowledge and expertise in two main ways. These two are:

  • Affiliate Marketing: You can partner with bookmakers and betting platforms and advertise them through your platform of choice. You'll earn a commission for everyone who joined through you.

  • Subscription Services: You can sell monthly subscriptions where people get one tip daily. That way, you have monthly revenue but must predict daily results.

Closing Thoughts

What will you do now that we have planted this idea in your head? There are three paths that you can choose. The first is staying on the same level and making money only from bets. The second is to go all in on being a tipster and earn that way, or the third and our favorite, combine them and do both.


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