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08-12-2019 18:00 Italy 1-Serie A

Asian Handicap F.T

  • Sampdoria
  • VS

  • Parma Calcio 1913
SHEARER (Junior Tipsters)
08-12-2019 18:00 Germany 1-1. Bundesliga

Total Goals F.T

  • Werder Bremen
  • VS

  • Paderborn
Federiga Augustin (Junior Tipsters)
08-12-2019 18:00 Belgium 1-First Division A

Asian Handicap F.T

  • Anderlecht
  • VS

  • Sporting Charleroi
Jakkrit Kantrasiri (Junior Tipsters)
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Gaweł Wysocki

Senior Tipsters

  • win 9
  • push 0
  • fail 3
  • 12


  • 2.07


  • 75.00%


  • +66.00


  • %


Wong Kok Soon

Senior Tipsters

  • win 11
  • push 1
  • fail 5
  • 17


  • 1.96


  • 68.75%


  • +56.00


  • %


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